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Teen Warehouse is the vision of Logan Herring, executive director of the Kingswood Community Center. He recognized that while many organizations, including his own, were offering supervised after-school programming for children in the elementary grades, teenagers had few options other than going home alone or hanging out on the streets.

Teen Warehouse will address three key concerns of teenagers: violence in the city, supporting academics and promoting career readiness.

Giving teens a place to go after school will keep them off the streets and out of trouble, and a diverse menu of recreational, educational, arts career and health programming crafted to meet teens’ interests should keep them coming back and help them grow into responsible young adults, he says.

The motto for Teen Warehouse is “for teens, by teens,” so teenagers are playing a major role in deciding what types of programming will be offered in the building.

“We’re using teens to solve the problem because nobody knows more about solving the problem than the people who are being affected by it,” Herring says.

With support from Welfare Foundation, Teen Warehouse is on its way to occupying the former site of Prestige Academy at 12th and Thatcher Streets. 


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NCALL (National Council on Agricultural Life & Labor Research Fund, Inc.) recently made a block purchase of nine boarded up and vacant properties in the downtown area. 

Most were known nuisance properties, magnets for crime and illegal activity and their eradication has been greeted with relief by neighborhood residents. 

With support from Welfare Foundation, both in 2018 and back in 2015, NCALL is moving forward with redevelopment work in Central Dover for blight remediation. 

The organization is focusing on a relatively small area, believing this concentration of demolition and revitalization will have a major impact on the look of the community, the perception of downtown Dover, and the pride of those who have already invested in and continue to remain in the neighborhood.


The lots will be redeveloped in the near future and then sold to qualifying homebuyers.

NCALL is a statewide, Dover based, nonprofit affordable housing and community development organization. It is the lead agency of Restoring Central Dover a comprehensive community development effort comprised of over 20 different organizations, including nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, institutions, and residents. 

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The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative (VWI) is one of the most exciting concepts to come along in decades. However, it is not a new concept as the origins of the program date back to 1946.
VWI is an organization set up to provide training, support, and referral services to the wounded veterans returning from the wars and return their dignity of purpose in a time honored craft. Specifically, the program teaches war veterans, especially disabled veterans, the highly skilled art of watchmaking (at no cost to the veterans) and is the only technical school devoted to disabled veterans in the USA.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America reported that the unemployment rate for disabled veterans is a staggering 82%. This is a national tragedy. All Americans have a duty to help those heroic warriors who became disabled defending freedom and our way of life. VWI programs are not easy, but the rewards upon completion are a lifetime of providing for themselves and their families. 

With funding from Welfare, VWI will be able to start the fit-out of the planned space for its 14-month Watchmaker Program. Students completing this program will be fully capable of making any repair to mechanical or quartz watches. Currently, VWI is offering a six week Watch Technician Program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to complete standard repairs on all types of quartz watches and allows the graduate to enter the job market as a quartz watch technician.


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